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22 Feb 2009: DTM: Legge steps up to Audi factory team

Katherine Legge is due to drive for Audi in this year’s DTM championship having stepped up to a better car for her second season in the series.

17 Feb 2009: So, does The Stig wear socks? Check for yourself…

Some say he invented Branston Pickle and that if you insult his mother, he will headbutt you in the chest. Others claim he once wrestled an elephant to the ground using the power of his mind and an alarming hairstyle. Well, now you can potentially check all this out for yourself.

9 Feb 2009: How the other half live…

This one, from FIA president and all-round toff Max Mosley, is a few days old, but is such a classic that it transcends topicality.

3 Feb 2009: Tiny, orange, made in the Midlands – and ready to take on Ferrari

You know the supercar market is cutting back when you can buy a Bentley that runs on chip fat – but now economy is coming flying out of the Midlands like a tiny orange bat out of hell.

26 Jan 2009: Hot from Guildford – the new James Allen

We reckon the BBC missed a trick when it picked its commentary team for its F1 coverage – yes it’s got Martin Brundall and David Coulthard, yes Murray Walker is involved somwehere in there, but where is Leigh Hobden?

25 Jan 2009: Damon Hill given honorary award

Damon Hill is being presented with an Honorary Fellowship from the University of Northampton in recognition of his contribution to motorsport – in his career as a World Championship-winning racing driver and for his work locally.

19 Jan 2009: Triumph has the car…

For those of us with an old Triumph or two lying around the place, a piece of motoring news las week seemed to bring us one step closer to the Holy Grail of a modern-day Spitfire being put into production.

17 Jan 2009: A bit too much right boot?

Thanks to the wonder of the Internet, a new perspective on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ferrari incident.

8 Jan 2009: Ronaldo writes off his Fiorano

In our quest to serve up the exploits of those people who really shouldn’t have beautiful motors if they can’t treat them properly, we bring you… drum roll… Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, the winger has winged his Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorino in spectacular fashion.

7 Jan 2009: Brundle steps down from driver management

Martin Brundle’s partnership with fellow F1 veteran Mark Blundell has been dissolved in the face of his new commitments as a BBC commentator and manager to his son Alex.

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