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11 Nov 2007: F1: Button lets fly at Honda and Hamilton

‘Sort it, or I’m off.’ That’s the ultimatum issued by Jenson Button to his Honda team. And he really hasn’t minced his words, either. He has told the Mail on Sunday: “I can’t be bothered with working my nuts off and qualifying 14th any more.”

11 Nov 2007: F1 quotes: Hamilton talks of the terrible price of fame

Few people took Lewis Hamilton’s assertion that he was moving to Switzerland to retreat from the pressures of fame very seriously. Most commentators, including this blog’s management, saw the long shadow of the taxman looming over the horizon. And so it has proved to be.

9 Nov 2007: Comment: can Alonso possibly go to Renault now?

If Alonso wouldn’t stay with Renault in 2007, when the possibility of manufacturer backing being withdrawn was a distant threat never destined to materialise, can he possibly sign a contract now with something like this hanging over his head?

9 Nov 2007: F1: Renault ‘invited McLaren to inspect car and computers’

The Renault F1 team has admitted that it possessed confidential information belonging to McLaren, and that the data made it onto its computer systems – but has denied that it was misused in any way.

9 Nov 2007: F1 season review: 10 things we’d like to see next year

An awful lot has been said and written about the 2007 Formula One season, and not much of it has been very positive. Rather than dwelling on feuding team-mates, the trashing of reputations among drivers and team principals alike, the alleged behind-the-scenes fisticuffs, the legalities of flexible floors or cooled fuel, and exactly what it was that Nigel Stepney said to Mike Coughlan, let’s accentuate the positives.

8 Nov 2007: F1 season review: who won what, where and when

No question – the 2007 Formula One season is one that will live in the memory for a mighty long time. Reputations made and broken, the closest of finishes and the biggest of scandals – re-live it all in our end-of-year round-up.

8 Nov 2007: F1: Prodrive’s debut looks increasingly unlikely

The possibility of F1 having a full grid of 12 teams next year is looking increasingly unlikely as the odds of Prodrive making it to Melbourne in March recede into the distance.

8 Nov 2007: F1: rumours about DC’s future abound

Ugly rumours that we very much don’t want to countenance here at Brits on Pole are starting to surface regarding David Coulthard’s future with Red Bull Racing.

8 Nov 2007: F1: Hamilton picks up ‘coveted’ German award

Consolation prizes are coming thick and fast to season runner-up Lewis Hamilton, who has been presented with a prestigious Golden Steering Wheel award by a German newspaper.

8 Nov 2007: F1: FIA inspectors visit McLaren HQ

If you were hoping that the inter-team feuding had finished along with the 2007 season then you are set to be sorely disappointed – we don’t advise you to read any further.

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