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18 Nov 2009: Superleague: a shift in the thinking of British sports clubs?

What motivates a football club to diversify into backing a race team? Superleague Formula put this question to Ian Ayre, the commercial director of Liverpool FC, in the wake of its affiliated team winning the 2009 championship with driver Adrian Valles – and his answers could point to a shift in the thinking in the management of British sports clubs.

25 Sep 2008: Racing splits: F1’s nightmare scenario

BritsOnPole is taking a three-part look at splits in sport and what the effect would be on world open-wheel racing if F1 surrendered to the tensions that lead to civil war. In this final part, we examine what would be at stake should it happen.

24 Sep 2008: Racing splits 2: When civil war rages

With the threat of splits and breakaways a constant background noise in Formula One, Brits On Pole is taking a three-part look at how other sports have been affected by civil wars, and what the effects might be on F1. In part two, we look at how other sports have fared.

23 Sep 2008: Racing splits: Is Formula One heading for disaster?

Earlier in the season, just when the threat of a split in world motorsport seemed to be receding, up popped Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone with dangerous talk of F1 breakaways and rivals to GP2. But if it happens, does it have to end in tears?

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