Opinion: Time for F1’s Mosley to draw his pension

By LJ Hutchins

CalendarFriday, November 2nd, 2007


We were saddened, but not at all surprised, to hear Max Mosley’s latest outburst – this time against Lewis Hamilton.

We think that, rather than provoking accusations that the sport is becoming boring, Hamilton has electrified fans in the UK.

And, we have read recently, in other countries with populations of African or Caribbean descent, such as Brazil.

Far from dominating the season single-handedly, or resorting to team orders, he was involved in seat-of-the-pants battles with his team-mate, with both Ferrari drivers and with BMW’s fifth-placed Nick Heidfeld – right up to the last pit-stops of the last race of the season.

All of which begs the question of whether there is any point in attempting to counter Mosley’s pronouncement with logical answers.

By far the most worrying for us, and for all the sport’s fans, is the prospect of a season where the outcome has been decided before the racing even starts.

We can’t believe that even the strongest supporters of Ferrari would be truly comfortable with this.

We think they’d want their team to take next year’s drivers’ and constructors’ championships fairly, not under circumstances that suggested they could only do it with the FIA’s help.

Max Mosley has proved again and again this year that he’s no longer a good ambassador or figurehead for the sport.

It’s time for him to stand down – and to actually leave, this time around.

One response to “Opinion: Time for F1’s Mosley to draw his pension”:

  1. Craig Says:

    November 2nd, 2007 at 5:47 pm

    I agree, but not because of this outburst – rather I think his rant against Jackie Stewart was much worse.

    Personally, I backed Lewis at the start of the season but by the end I was sick of the sight of him and glad he didn’t win the championship – not because I think he will dominate the sport for years to come, but because he is everywhere in the papers and on the TV.

    There is far too much hyping goes on with the press and it’s that which annoys me.

    As for Moseley, he has done some really good things for the sport on the safety side of things (ironically he and Jackie Stewart share that obsession), but over the last season or so he seems to have become a bit of a liability at times.

    Whether he or anyone else at the FIA will be man enough to admit this and make him leave is another question though – and I doubt it!

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