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10 Mar 2008: F1: Chequered Conflict book review

Observer journalist and BBC motorsport commentator Maurice Hamilton’s got a new Formula One book out – looking at the events of last season, and comparing them with another troubled season, 1986.

7 Mar 2008: Champ Car / IndyCar: what the merger means for the Brits

Seven British drivers lined up for the start of the American open wheel season last year, the final campaign to see the sport split between IndyCar and Champ Car. Now, with the first unified season on the horizon, we look at their prospects for 2008.

7 Mar 2008: F1: behind the scenes with Gary Paffett

An awful lot of would-be racing drivers probably think Gary Paffett’s got it made – as McLaren’s test driver he’s got a job to die for, regularly getting his hands on one of the world’s top racing machines. On the other hand, what does it feel like to be just one step away from one of motorsport’s top jobs – piloting a car capable of winning the F1 World Championship but perpetually in the shadow of Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen, unable to actually compete?

6 Mar 2008: F1: Dennis retrospective spells the end

So, the Ron Dennis rumours have finally hardened up enough that the BBC feels it’s safe to report them. The story comes in the form of a long profile which is a pretty interesting read, as well as setting out his different roles within McLaren and what he’s actually likely to be resigning from. It’s just a shame it reads so much like an obituary.

5 Mar 2008: F1: More positive Super Aguri rumours

There is still no hard confirmation that struggling F1 team Super Aguri have sorted out their finances with the help of a new investor, but the rumours are getting more persistent.

5 Mar 2008: A1GP: Brits stick with winning formula

A1GP’s Team GBR has announced which of its drivers will compete in each of the three remaining races of the season – and, sensibly, they’re sticking with what works.

4 Mar 2008: F1: play McLaren’s Grand Prix League 2008

McLaren’s annual fantasy Formula One competition is back – register a team and you could win prizes including a TAG Heuer watch and a VIP visit to the McLaren Technology Centre.

4 Mar 2008: F1: ten top rumours about McLaren’s future

A week ago claims that Ron Dennis would choose the start of the 2008 Formula One season to announce his departure as McLaren’s team principal seemed outlandish. But, as the week went on, the stories predicting his resignation hardened up considerably, until it became very difficult to preserve the view that Ron intends to stay at the McLaren helm for very much longer.

4 Mar 2008: F1: young driver gives sports journo a workover

A dictionary definition of the word schadenfreude tells us that it describes satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune. Well, next time you’re thinking about press tickets to grands prix worldwide, VIP enclosures, paddock passes and exclusive access to the stars of F1, just picture The Times’ Edward Gorman experiencing a punishing training session with Lewis Hamilton…

4 Mar 2008: F1: Hamilton gets backing from Prost

Four-times world champion Alain Prost has said that he believes Lewis Hamilton has what it takes to follow in his footsteps – as long as his car is good enough. The F1 legend, who took the title three times while driving a McLaren, told the BBC that he was backing Hamilton to win this year while being interviewed for the Inside Sport programme.

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