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Why money can’t buy Vijay Mallya everything


We all assume that it must be a great life being a billionaire – the yachts, the lavish parties, the political influence. But maybe there are annoyances that those of us on more modest incomes have never suspected.

For instance, if you are used to being able to solve most of the problems in your life by throwing a bit of cash at them, what happens when one comes along that is less susceptible to this approach? It must be infuriating.


We’re not sure how often Dr Mallya visits his team’s Northamptonshire HQ. But this must really get on his nerves – especially the bit where the word ‘Midland’ is painted out:

Silverstone road sign
Silverstone road sign

Running an F1 team, no problem. Tackling bureaucracy, and removing reminders of past failures, something else again.

Or maybe whoever is responsible for that sign is waiting to see if Force India’s still called the same thing next year, before they come along with their pot of white emulsion…


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