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Quotes to watch out for: Lawman Mosley takes the stand

We generally take a long, hard look at any story involving Max Mosley these days before reporting it.

Those that are worth the time spent typing them out have to pass one of two tests. Either the FIA President has said something that has genuine and important implications for British motorsport or the quote’s so good we don’t want to ignore it.


This falls into the latter category and once again demonstrates how he has raised barefaced cheek to an art form. It’s quite awe-inspiring really.

Mr Mosley has recently appeared in front of the Commons Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport to give his views on further curtailing press freedom how people ‘victimised’ by the press can get a fairer hearing.

And, according to The Guardian, he said this: “It’s like putting the mafia in charge of the local police station. You can’t let them regulate themselves.”

Actually, Mr “Member of the World Motorsport Council” Mosley, we think you make a very good point.

Presumably you will imminently be applying similar high standards of probity, transparency and separation of powers to your own organisation.

We await this process with interest.


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