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Goodwood Revival: jiving and push starts

If you feel that you were somehow born out of your era, and long for a simpler world where a spanner and a can of oil would fix almost anything wrong with a car, then here’s one for you.

The BBC has a fantastic package on the Goodwood Revival event on its site at the moment. As ever, we’d love to embed it here for your viewing convenience, but they don’t offer that service. (Things are getting better – there’s now an official BBC YouTube channel – but it doesn’t carry news as yet.)


So you’ll need to click through here to view it >>

If you’d enjoy the spectacle of Jackie Stewart in his vintage overalls, noted petrolhead Rowan Atkinson done up like a Dad’s Army castmember (good on him) and Marilyn Monroe blowing you a kiss, this is for you.

And there are some nice visuals on the official site as well. Not as good as being there (especially since this weather must be some of the best we’ve had all summer) but still…

A personal postscript. As for a spanner and a can of oil fixing anything, your Brits on Pole management has a Triumph Spitfire that nearly falls into this category.

However, things like brakes and crash protection are regarded as optional extras. So maybe soulless modern motoring has one or two things going for it.


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