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F3: The Mirror bigs up Oliver Turvey

“Is Oliver Turvey the next Lewis Hamilton,” asks The Mirror, in a bid to promote its newly-announced sponsorship of F3.

And also possibly to compensate for the fact that rival The Sun has recently been making such a fuss about Mike Conway.


Our initial thought is no, if 21-year-old Turvey was as talented as his fellow-countryman, then he’d already have a winning GP2 season under his belt and a drive with a Formula One team lined up.

And thus the intro to its story is a little disingenuous: “Red-hot rookie Oliver Turvey is looking to succeed where Lewis Hamilton failed last year and become a champion in his debut season.”

But it really is getting a little bit boring (although, we suppose, inevitable) that every young British driver has to put up with comparisons with Hamilton’s stellar rise.

Turvey’s a perfectly promising driver in his own right with national A1GP experience under his belt in addition to a win in F3.

However in these lean times, when motorsport is supposed to be haunted by the horrible spectre of the FIA president with… tell you what, let’s leave it there… moves like this sponsorship deal with The Mirror are extremely positive.

Here are a few more details: “The newspaper will launch the Mirror.co.uk British F3 Challenge, which is an initiative to support Britain’s upcoming generation of motor racing talent.

“The Daily Mirror will present ‘The Mirror.co.uk British F3 Challenge Cup’ to the leading British driver in the 2008 British F3 International Series at the end of the season.

“The British F3 Championship has been won by some of the greatest names in motorsport including Ayrton Senna, Sir Jackie Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi, Mika Hakkinen and Nelson Piquet.” Read full story here…


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