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F1: where to look for Kovalainen crash footage

Looking at our search results for yesterday and today, it’s clear that lots of people are turning up at the site because they are hunting down video of Kovalainen’s Barcelona crash.

We felt quite ambivalent about posting a link to this, since we never find heavy crashes in Formula One entertaining, and for us to promote it it smacks that little bit too much of ambulance chasing.


But, when we tracked down the official footage on the ITV website we found they had prefaced it with a blasted cider commercial. After that, our scruples seemed a bit silly.

So, for UK readers, here it is:

Link to ITV F1 video of Kovalainen’s Circuit de Catalunya crash >>

For non-UK readers, we recommend checking out the website of whichever broadcaster holds your local F1 rights – or visiting YouTube. Embedding the clip really is one stage further than we’re prepared to go.


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