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F1 season finale: McLaren called upon to explain itself

McLaren should be explaining its actions in China and Brazil rather than trying to overturn the championship result, according to former team boss Eddie Jordan.

In an interview with the BBC he said that if Fernando Alonso had suffered bald tyres, a 30-second gearbox failure which mysteriously righted itself and an unexplained third pitstop, “the whole world would be in uproar, saying sabotage.”


“They really do have to come out and say, why did he make that third pitstop? Because, without that third pitstop, he would have won the championship and that is the question everyone is asking.

“It’s still going on, it’s very exciting for some people but it’s also becoming a little bit tedious because in my opinion the team has to stand up and say what did happen about the tyres in China and what did happen about the third pitstop yesterday.

“If you were an independent observer you would say that Lewis Hamilton has been hard done by.

“What Hamilton has done is revitalised the sport when some people suggested it was boring after the Michael Schumacher era. No-one talks about Schumacher any more.”

So, what are McLaren saying about all this? Well, one of Eddie Jordan’s points has been covered. Apparently the reason for the third pitstop was a computer prediction that said it would be the quickest approach.

Expect to find that particular machine in a skip in Woking some time soon.

The team has confirmed that the gearbox glitch needs to be investigated. Apart from that, they are tight-lipped.

A press release put out yesterday gives, albeit very interestingly in a geeky sort of way, the team’s season in numbers, citing 5,340 kilometres of racing for the cars, 24 champagne bottles presented to the drivers, five fastest laps and six chassis used.

But it doesn’t mention any of the post-race hostilities whatsoever, either from China or Brazil.

Watch this space…


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