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F1 quotes: what Raikkonen said – and what he probably meant


This quote from Kimi Raikkonen, turning up innocuously on the BBC’s motorsport site on the day that was supposed to mark Michael Schumacher’s triumphant return to Jerez, made us smile rather broadly:

“Ferrari will be my last team, I’m not interested in going anywhere else. It suits me. I have two years on my contract and it may not be the last.”

Is it just us – or do you read it and see written on the end, as if in invisible ink: “…so piss off back to Switzerland and stay there, Schumi.”


Perhaps it’s the great big fat dig he gets in further down that encourages this view: “If there is focus on Lewis getting prizes and Michael Schumacher testing with us, or where Fernando Alonso is going, I’m happy. I have a nice quiet life.

“I’ve got the trophy they probably all wanted. I’d rather take the world title than any other prize.”


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