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F1: Coulthard says “2009 could have been my year”

David Coulthard might be regretting his decision to quit F1 for a more leisurely life as a BBC summariser, in light of his old team’s recent race-winning form, according to an interview in a Scottish newspaper.

The former Williams, McLaren and Red Bull driver has told The Daily Record that he took the decision to quit fearing that he wouldn’t have the physical resources for another season – but now considers he could have raced on.


DC told the paper: “As it happens, the way the regulations changed I almost certainly would have had the energy to handle a season.”

“I felt that Red Bull had good alternatives and that it would be better to recognise ahead of time than recognise after or be the last to know it was time to go.

“There are middle-grid teams that stay in the middle grid but along with other people I helped influence the positive development of Red Bull and they’ve gone forward and progressed each year.”

He said he was very happy to be one of the 700 Red Bull Racing employees that had worked to make the RB5 a race-winner.

And, in a piece of good news for his many fans, DC indicated that he may not yet have hung up his helmet for good.

He said he may consider a Le Mans drive in the future should the racing bug return. Something that we – and we’re sure a great many other people – would love to see him do.


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