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14 Nov 2008: Over the white line: Lewis’ biggest challenge yet

Now the F1 season’s come to a close we’ve decided to experiment with a new weekly feature that rounds up a lot of the lesser-spotted stories from the week’s news and sport coverage.

7 Nov 2008: F1: Warm welcome in Woking for homecoming Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton was greeted by 1000 cheering McLaren staff at the team’s high-tech HQ building when he made his triumphant homecoming after winning the F1 drivers’ championship.

3 Nov 2008: Airfix Lewis Hamilton kit coming soon

Good news for everyone who’s watched the now-famous Abbey advert with the Lewis Hamilton Airfix kit and wondered whether they’d ever get the chance to buy one.

28 Oct 2008: Jet-powered British supercar aims for 1,000mph

It’s not just potential F1 World Champions we’re producing round here these days – it’s also plans for mind-buggeringly fast jet-propelled cars. Nobody tell Richard Hammond…

27 Oct 2008: F1: Last dance for DC in BA

David Coulthard, who will make his F1 farewell in Brazil this weekend, has grabbed some early South American seat time by demonstrating his Red Bull Racing car to at least 80,000 cheering fans in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

16 Oct 2008: Sponsor banned for pit-lane driver assault

Now, here’s something you don’t read about every day – the story of a sponsor who has reportedly taken his investment in a motorsport team a little bit too seriously.

13 Oct 2008: Out of the black – and into the red?

Now the Japanese Grand Prix is out of the way, we’ve got the chance to post something that caught our eye last weekend. This is the story of the Carbon Black rally, an event where people with more money than sense smash up prestige motors and, these days, get arrested for their pains.

4 Oct 2008: Fan pays £200k for Bond’s wrecked Aston

A new Aston Martin DBS V12, of the sort driven by James Bond in his most recent movie outings would probably set you back in the region of £150,000. By the time it’s been used in the filming and wrecked by a stuntman? The value has gone up to no less than £200,000.

16 Sep 2008: Le Mans Series: Silverstone victory for McNish and Audi

Allan McNish and Dindo Capello won a dramatic Autosport 1000km of Silverstone to help Audi take an upset clean sweep in the Le Mans Series drivers’, manufacturers’ and team championships.

14 Sep 2008: Coming soon on BritsOnPole: exclusive Darren Manning interview

While F1 was slip-sliding around a rain-soaked Monza on Saturday, BritsOnPole was at sunny Silverstone interviewing one of the most versatile British drivers in motor sport, Darren Manning.

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