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2 Nov 2007: F1: What Alonso’s McLaren departure could mean for the Brits

And they’re off! Usually the musical chairs start a lot earlier in the season. But Ferrari’s decision to re-sign Massa coupled with Alonso’s late departure from McLaren have finally kicked things off – after the last Grand Prix is long behind us. What does all this mean for the famous and the lesser-known British drivers competing for seats in Formula One? Ladies and gentlemen, please place your bets…

2 Nov 2007: Opinion: Time for F1’s Mosley to draw his pension

We were saddened, but not at all surprised, to hear Max Mosley’s latest outburst – this time against Lewis Hamilton. We think that, rather than provoking accusations that the sport is becoming boring, Hamilton has electrified fans in the UK.

2 Nov 2007: F1: Mosley’s extraordinary attacks on Hamilton and McLaren

Max Mosley has claimed that the continuing success of Lewis Hamilton next season could have a “negative impact” on F1 by reproducing the “Schumacher effect”. He has also threatened to ban McLaren from racing, or to start their season on a “negative points allocation” to compensate for any benefit the team may have gained from inside information on Ferrari’s 2007 car.

2 Nov 2007: F1: Alonso leaves McLaren – but will he cost Coulthard his drive?

McLaren and Fernando Alonso have announced that the driver is leaving the team with immediate effect and will be seeking a new drive for 2008.

30 Oct 2007: F1: Lewis Hamilton – My Story, the autobiography is published

Lewis Hamilton might only be 22 – but he’s already packed in enough incident to fill a volume of autobiography. The book, entitled ‘My Story’ is due to be published on November 5.

30 Oct 2007: GP2’s Conway heading for Honda and F1?

Mike Conway, whose GP2 season with SuperNova was mixed but at times highly promising, is to test for Honda’s F1 team.

29 Oct 2007: F1: Hamilton announces move to Switzerland

It looks like the Boy Wonder may have forseen his first tax bill…

27 Oct 2007: F1: McLaren appeal date set, Stewart not optimistic about their chances

McLaren’s appeal against a decision not to punish the three drivers who finished ahead of Lewis Hamilton at Interlagos and were later found to have fuel temperature irregularities is due to be heard on November 15. However FIA president Max Mosley has already effectively stated that the appeal will fail.

27 Oct 2007: F1: Davidson’s team posts £4.5m loss

Super Aguri, home of the British driver Anthony Davidson, has just revealed its financial figures for its first year in business – and they amount to a £4.5 million loss.

27 Oct 2007: F1: Will McLaren and Renault trade drivers?

Here’s an intriguing rumour that’s doing the rounds at quite a high level – is Heikki Kovalainen about to get a drive in a McLaren?

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