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29 Nov 2007: F1: David Richards on Prodrive’s future in the series

A fascinating Q&A with David Richards on reveals a whole new perspective on the customer car issue, the future of F1’s Concorde agreement and the commercial viability of today’s racing teams. In it he says that he’s still hopeful that Prodrive will be able to compete as a F1 team – but the conditions will have to be right for the project to have long-term commercial viability, rather than being done on an ad-hoc basis.

28 Nov 2007: F1 quotes: damn sport’s full of troublemakers

Bernie Ecclestone’s been waxing lyrical about the good old days when men were men, racing cars were racing cars, not these new-fangled computerised roller-skates anyone can drive, and politics were allegedly some way off over the horizon.

28 Nov 2007: F1: Lewis Hamilton pulls into Oxford

Lewis Hamilton has cruised into Oxford to meet his fans and sign copies of his book – despite a nearby demonstration with the potential to upset proceedings.

26 Nov 2007: F1: Autosport awards on terrestrial TV

Watch out, all you racing fans. Your sport’s becoming truly mainstream now… Terrestrial broadcaster ITV has announced that it will be the first to show the Autosport Awards Ceremony in the event’s 26-year history.

26 Nov 2007: F1: could a Brit test for BMW?

A seat in next year’s BMW F1 car is likely to be a very strongly-coveted proposition. And one is still open, albeit in a testing role. But, as we all know, these seats can be among the most hotly-contested of all, because of the opportunities they provide. Could a British driver possibly be on the verge of snagging this opportunity?

26 Nov 2007: F1: Coulthard says ‘I’ll definitely be driving for Red Bull’

David Coulthard has moved to squash rumours that he could find himself shunted off to Red Bull’s B-team next year, or even lose his drive altogether, in order to make way for homeless double world champion Fernando Alonso. And the Scot is emphatic, saying: “I cannot see Fernando Alonso joining Red Bull in 2008, and I am 100 per cent certain that I will be racing for them next year.”

21 Nov 2007: F1: is Lewis your Great Briton of 2007?

Had you been thinking that it really was time that Lewis Hamilton got a bit more publicity and recognition? Or perhaps you reckon Jenson Button really has been under-appreciated this year, or that David Coulthard could do with a bit of glory after a career as arguably the most successful British F1 driver de nos jours.

21 Nov 2007: F1: Bernie sticks the boot into British government

Bernie Ecclestone has renewed his attack on the facilities at Silverstone, the home of the British Grand Prix – but the target of his fire this time is the government and not the circuit’s owners, the British Racing Drivers’ Club.

16 Nov 2007: Comment: This fudge proves the FIA has learned nothing

OK. Let us assume for a moment that the McLaren team is not corporately a bunch of liars, cheats and hypocritical opportunists, but a group of people very badly stung by the blows and disappointments of the last few months. We know that this might be a controversial assumption just now, but stick with us.

16 Nov 2007: F1: Hamilton says ‘I’ll beat Kimi on track next year’

Lewis Hamilton has said that he believes Kimi Raikkonen deserves his 2007 World Championship title and says he looks forward to beating him on the track in future.

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