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A1GP: Testing facts and figures


Great Britain’s Robbie Kerr made the most of limited track time at Silverstone’s official A1GP pre-season testing to set the second-fastest lap of the two sessions.

Germany were at the top of the standings after the two days of testing with driver Christian Vietoris clocking up the fastest time around the Silverstone circuit.


He made it round the venue’s 2.249-mile International Circuit in a tyre-scorching 1 minute 10.005 seconds in the morning session of the second day – shaving half a second off the previous fastest time set by Fairuz Fauzy of Malaysia.

He also managed to best South Africa’s Adrian Zaugg, who had held the record at the end of the first day of testing. Zaugg’s overall time was good enough for South Africa to secure fourth place overall – ahead of France who took fifth place.

Like Kerr, Switzerland’s Sebastien Buemi also managed to make the most of a single session where he put the third-fastest time of the week.

The British driver set a lap 0.247 seconds slower than Vietoris – but with far less track time. With only half a day in the British car, he was still bang on the pace.

He said: “I had to just go out there and test the car and see what its handling like and get used to it once again after Brands Hatch.

“It’s great to be back in the A1GP car, to be second quickest is particularly good because I only had this morning and one set of tyres compared to the others that had more running time.

“I’m really looking forward to the start of the season and can’t wait to get back in the car again.”

New Zealand, the runners-up last season, were sixth-quickest while an impressive performance from Ireland rookie and GP2 driver Adam Carroll left that team seventh-fastest overall.

Former F1 drivers Narain Karthikeyan and Alex Yoong were both in evidence on the circuit and Karthikeyan’s performance in the first two sessions was good enough to raise his Indian team to tenth.

However, after suffering a high temperature and fever, he sat out the second day.

A1GP Official Test Silverstone, Day Two, classification

1 GERMANY 1:10.005
2 GREAT BRITIAN 1:10.252
3 SWITZERLAND 1:10.311
4 NEW ZEALAND 1:10.618
5 SOUTH AFRICA 1:10.714
6 PORTUGAL 1:10.762
7 BRAZIL 1:10.817
8 PAKISTAN 1:10.958
9 USA 1:11.047
10 FRANCE 1:11.057
11 NETHERLANDS 1:11.091
12 CHINA 1:11.152
13 MALAYSIA 1:11.169
14 IRELAND 1:11.269
15 ITALY 1:11.386
16 CANADA 1:11.398
17 AUSTRALIA 1:11.535
18 CZECH REPUBLIC 1:11.828
19 LEBANON 1:11.880
20 INDONESIA 1:12.103
21 MEXICO 1:12.638

A1GP Test Silverstone 28-29 August 2007, Overall combined classification

1 GERMANY 1:10.005
2 GREAT BRITIAN 1:10.252
3 SWITZERLAND 1:10.311
4 SOUTH AFRICA 1:10.484
5 FRANCE 1:10.531
6 NEW ZEALAND 1:10.618
7 IRELAND 1:10.667
8 PORTUGAL 1:10.762
9 BRAZIL 1:10.817
10 INDIA 1:10.882
11 PAKISTAN 1:10.958
12 USA 1:11.047
13 NETHERLANDS 1:11.069
14 CHINA 1:11.152
15 MALAYSIA 1:11.169
16 ITALY 1:11.386
17 CANADA 1:11.398
18 AUSTRALIA 1:11.535
19 CZECH REPUBLIC 1:11.828
20 LEBANON 1:11.880
21 INDONESIA 1:12.020
22 MEXICO 1:12.638


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